Drew Central Middle School

                          Parental Involvement Plan

                        2016 -2017


DCMS Parent Facilitators: Sheila Gardner

Phone: 870-367-5235

Email: sgardner@drewcentral.org

Mission: to partner with families to ensure that communication between home and school be regular, two-way and meaningful.


1. How can DCMS parents become more involved in supporting DCMS classroom instruction and activities?

            A. Quarterly Progress Reports

·        Contact: Counselor

B.  DCMS Website

·        Contact: Becky Pace

C. Pirate Nation App

·        Contact: Becky Pace

D.  Home Access Center (HAC) grade, discipline, attendance

·        Contact: DCMS Office Personnel/Meredith Shirey

E.  School Marquee Sign Memos

·        Contact: Melissia Vincent

F.  Parent Phone Calls:

·        Contact: Individual Classroom Teachers

G.  DCMS Pirates Facebook

·        Contact: Belinda King/Anna Jones

H.  Letters/flyers to parents will be mailed and/or texted to parents concerning ACT Aspire and how parents can help the students succeed: Counselor and Office Staff


2.  DCMS parent involvement programs and activities will be held in the form of:

                        A.  DCMS Student Orientations

·        Contact: Counselor

·        Open House (9-12) August 13, 2016

·        Eighth Graders – March 17, 2017

B.  Title I Meeting – September 8, 2016

·        Contact: Kim Greer, Director of Instruction

C.  International Literacy Day Celebration – September 8,2016

·        Contacts: Sheila Gardner & Anna Jones

D.   Family Nights (in conjunction with Book Fair/21st CCLC): October 4, 2016and April 2017) – Sheila Gardner

E.  Grands’ Day (in conjunction with Book Fair/21st CCLC): October 6, 2016 and April 2017) – Sheila Gardner

F.  Parent/Teacher Conferences

·        September 13, 2016 and February 16, 2017(teachers’ classrooms)

·        Contact: Patti Smith, Principal

G. Quarterly progress reports

·        Contact: Kohl Jones, Counselor

H.  Grade level Student/Parent Seminars

·        Eighth Grade: March 17, 2016

·        Contact: Kohl Jones and Shawna Densmore

I.  PTO Meetings (First Thursday of each month) - Brandi Gifford/Laura Berryman

J.  Book Fair

·        Fall  2016 and Spring 2017

·        Contact: Sheila Gardner, DCMS Library Media Specialist

K.  Fall Festival

·        October 26, 2016

·        Multi-purpose gym

·        Contact: Janine Eubanks, Choir

            L. Cookies with Santa

                               * December 4, 2016

                               * Contact: Brandi Gifford, PTO President

            M. Lights on After School

                               * October 20, 2016

                                *Contact: Rhonda Sanderlin ( 21st CCLC Director)

            N. "Thankful for DC Parents"  November, 2016 / We Love our Parents   February 2017

                              * Contact: Anna Jones

            O. Cookies for Santa     December 9, 2016  Brandi Gifford, DC PTO  and Muffins with Mom/Donuts with Dad for January 2017

            P. Flu Shot Clinic  October 13, 2016

                        *Kami Griffin

            Q. Approved Snack Days

                        *September 30, October 31, November 18, December 16, January 20, February 14, March 17, and April 21,    May 9

            R. Reading Across America (Dr. Seuss’ Birthday)  March 3, 2017

            S. Student of Month for grades 5 – 8

                        * Contact: Kohl Jones & Patti Smith


3.  DCMS provides information to parents about volunteer opportunities through:

A.  Parent Volunteer Sign Up

·        September 18, 2016

·        Contact: Anna Jones

·        Book Fairs  (October 2016 and April 2017)

·        Contact: Sheila Gardner and Anna Jones

B.  Staff Development: Staff will be required to obtain no fewer than two hours of professional development for teachers that is designed to enhance the understanding of effective parental development.

·        August, 2016

·        Contact: Kim Greer, Director of Instruction

C.  Parent Informational Packets will be handed out at the beginning of the school year.

·        Contact: Anna Jones

            D.  DCMS Parent Center is located in the Middle School Room 507

                        *Hours of operation: 7:45 a.m – 3:15 P.M.

                        * Contact: Anna Jones

            E. Online Announcements:

                        * Becky Pace

            F. DCMS parents have the right to due process resolving parental concerns  

                as outlined in the student handbook.

                        *Patti Smith

            G. Computer access to HAC

                        *Contact: Meredith Shirey or Sheila Gardner

            H. DCMS will designate one school faculty member to act as middle school    

                 parent facilitator.


4.  DCMS parents can be involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of the school wide school improvement plan.       

·        Contact: Sheila Gardner


5.  DCMS provides the following resources for parents:

A.  DCMS Parent Center is located in Middle School Room 507

·        Hours of operation: 7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

·        Contact: Anna Jones

B.  Parent Information Packs

·        Contact: Anna Jones

C.  Online Announcements

·        Contact: Becky Pace

D.  Computer access to HAC

·        Available to library media center

Contact: Sheila Gardner

E.  DCMS will designate a middle school faculty member to act as middle school parent facilitators

·        Contact: Sheila Gardner

F.  DCMS parents have the right to due process resolving parental concerns

            as outlined in the student handbook

·        Contact: Patti Smith

6.  DCMS will engage parents in the evaluation of their parental involvement efforts:

A.  Volunteer Opportunities and Parent Volunteer of the Year

·        Anna Jones

B.  Parent Interest Survey

·        Sheila Gardner

7.  How will DCMS use the parent interest surveys to select, plan and implement

Parental involvement activities that will be offered throughout the year?

·        The parent interest surveys are kept on file in the DCMS parent facilitator’s room and are available whenever necessary.

·        The surveys will be recorded and shared with the DCMS staff, so that everyone knows which parents want to volunteer and their preferences.

·         Parents will be notified via Facebook, and the Pirate Nation App of volunteer opportunities as they come available.

·        Contacts: Sheila Gardner and Anna Jones

 8. When will your school plan the Annual Title I Meeting that must be            conducted separately?

                        *The Annual Title 1 Meeting will be held in the Middle School Library

                           On September 8,2016   5:30 P.M.

·        Contact Patti Smith



Parental Involvement Plan Committee

·        Sheila Gardner (Chair)

·        Anna Jones

·        Rhonda Sanderlin ( 21st CCLC Director)

·                Chris Bayless

·        Connie Horn

·        Kim Lattimore, Parent

·        Kohl Jones

·        Alicia Ratliff,  Parent

·        Kenny Smith, Parent

·        Michelle Lloyd, Parent

·        Sara Cater, Parent